Monday, December 28, 2009

Healthcare, the electronic future may be near

From yourdoctorinfo blog:  Electronic prescription systems that can automate order entry, preparation, delivery and check patient records for drug allergies and interactions have the potential to save lives by eliminating most prescribing and transcription errors. These systems allow providers with handheld devices to match bar-coded medication with bar-coded patient and physician IDs, establishing an accurate and fully documented “medication information supply chain.”

An automated supply tracking and inventory control solution using wireless handheld scanners and enterprise database software.

An automated, remote patient monitoring and charting solution that links Bluetooth*- enabled medical devices and monitoring equipment with department and care center systems by way of an integrated wireless LAN relay device located in each patient room. Management systems can’t solve these problems unless their services and data are readily accessible at every point where providers and patients interact.

A wireless LAN-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system that lets nurses and physicians communicate easily using tiny, wearable voice-activated “badges.”  Continue reading here

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