Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Me? A Doctor?

From the blog scribesexpress:  That’s one thing people don’t understand. Striving to be a doctor, like any other high-end profession, requires money. Lots and lots of it. It’s actually been turned into a business—universities here and there offer medical studies and demand shocking payments in return for a diploma and certificates. Aside from the money constraints, taking up medicine will eat up a lot of your time. People just don’t realize that medical students spend most of their young adult lives in the classroom, the clinic, the hospital, and in outreach programs. They spend countless hours in clinical duties. Sure, these duties may be in shifting schedules, but they can incur double or even triple shifts. Take cousin Raymund. After taking up B.S. Biology as a pre-medical course, he went on to study general medicine. It took him six years of studies and duties to finish the program. Afterwards, he had to review for the medical licensing examinations. If I’m not mistaken, licensing examinations for medical practitioners take five days! Whew! During all that time, you never saw kuya Raymund, right? He was always busy. Is that what you want to do? And don’t forget—it’s a highly technical area of study! Would you like to spend your 20 something years memorizing human diseases and pathology? All those essential drugs, their indications, contraindications, pharmacokinetics, side effects, adverse effects, dosages, and frequencies? How about their generic names & local and international brand names?

Uhm, no.

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