Thursday, December 17, 2009

Medical imaging Imaging technology

Medical imaging is the technique and process used to create images of the human body (or parts and function thereof) for clinical purposes (medical procedures seeking to reveal, diagnose or examine disease) or medical science (including the study of normal anatomy and physiology).

2 Imaging technology
2.1 Electron microscopy
2.2 Radiographic
2.3 Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
2.4 Nuclear medicine
2.5 Photoacoustic imaging
2.6 Breast Thermography
2.7 Tomography
2.8 Ultrasound

video-The history of medical imaging, excellent overview
New MITA report says innovations in imaging technologies lead to reductions of 20-75 percent in radiation dose for many imaging procedures… Read press release. Read full report.

American Cancer Society recommends MRI for high-risk breast cancer… More...

New Consumer Guides explain role of imaging in stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and breast cancer

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