Monday, December 21, 2009

How to Get Water Out of Your Ear

Intro: There are many situations when swimming, taking a bath, or even taking a shower, where water can get in your ears. Not only does water in your ear annoy you but it can also be bad for you. Follow these steps to getwater out of your ear.

Step 1:  Shake the water out. Try to  set a pillow on the bed and gently hit your ear and head against the pillow until the water comes out. Be careful not to hit your head hard or you will hurt your neck or give yourself a headache.  It does hurt your neck sometimes so be careful. 
Step 2: If hitting your head against the pillow doesn't work, try lying down with your ear on the pillow for a little while. The water may come out.
Step 3: Next, try using a dropper to add a little more water to ear and then immediately trying step 1 to get the water out.
Step 4: To get water out of your ear, antiseptic eardrops may do the trick but this will cost you a little bit of money. Put the drops in and then try
step 1 and step 2.
Step 5: Help the water evaporate by putting two small drops of rubbing alcohol into your ear.
Step 6: If you can not get the water out, you should go to the doctor. The doctor will be able to safely get the water out of your ear.
Tips: Be patient. Sometimes it takes 30 - 60 minutes for you to successful get the water out of your ear.

Warnings: See a doctor if your ear is in pain and you cannot get the water out.

Don't hurt yourself by slamming your head against a pillow.

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